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This is the second release from the Ottawa, Ontario area singer/songwriter who plays an eclectic blend of rocking Celtic-country with a twist of folk... and jazz.... and classical.... Oh heck! we don't know how to describe it! Story-telling, soul-searching lyrics supported by gripping melodies define Bob’s style. There is passion in the voice and in the songs. There is vulnerability. There is a heck of a lot of fun!

There are songs of the seas, stories of new-country love... and lost love, passion in a desert cantina, jealousy and loneliness at sea, seafaring smugglers, hot Irish lassies... well, we don't want to ruin it all for you! Have a listen!

Stylistically we call it Celtic-country-rock. That's our excuse to play a soft ballad, followed by a hard rocker, followed by a loving Celtic tale of betrayal, a new-country love song and then a tribute to the Aboriginal spirit! No, we're not kidding. If you're looking for non-invasive elevator music - move away from this website. All we can do is give you the music WE like to play!

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BUY NOW AT CD BABY http://cdbaby.com/cd/bobhaughian

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Here it is -  The Bob Haughian Band's first CD. Bob  released this CD, a unique brand of Celtic-Country Rock into the Ottawa, Canada music scene in September, 2011.

The music on this CD music has been embraced regularly on independent radio from western to eastern Canada and as far south as from Florida to Texas.

On this album, Bob is supported by a musical artillery of highly experienced players. Master-instrumentalist/percussionist, Robert Libbey, produced the release and played numerous instruments supported by his two talented sons, Aaron and Ryan (on an array of instruments and vocals). Musicians included Mische Hudon on drums, Bernie Haughian on acoustic, mandolin & dobro, Len Leclair on double-bass, Doug Grant on acoustic guitar/vocals as well as Kara-Lis Coverdale on keyboards and accordion, and Nancy Cathcart on background vocals. Combined, this extraordinary cast of artists has experience in a wide range of music styles including flamenco, rock, country rock, world, jazz, African, Latin, and Brazilian music.

The music ranges from Celtic-folk to 'break-your-heart' country to down & dirty rock. Stories are told about smugglers on the open seas, broken relationships, gunfights at the corral, wanna-be rock stars, fathers and well, probably a good tale for just about anybody to identify with.

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Separate Vacations - Bob Haughian

Join us at the Canadian Tulip Festival

Enjoy the outdoor, lakeside festival atmosphere, millions of tulips and lots of music. We have a special spring set-list planned that'll keep you hopping!

Fri May 16 5:30-7pm

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"If you like folk with a distinct rocky edge added to a miscellany of influences then this is for you. Me, I loved it."  Tom Franks of 'FolkWords'

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 A recent review in the international Folkwords magazine described the BHB music as having “both energy and heart..... with plenty of roots showing.”

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Separate Vacations - Bob Haughian

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